Vision and History

Our Vision:

To lead students to and equip them for independence in their academic and personal endeavors.

Our History:

Houston Tutorial Association was established in 2003 by its founder, Julie Pitts Mount. It was out of a passion for helping students achieve academic and personal success that she began to see a common problem among all students HTA worked with. No matter the academic subject or even personal affinity, students often lacked a solid and consistent approach and strategy to achieving their success. Over time, HTA discovered the missing piece to the puzzle was consistently related to a lack of core study skills and life skills. For decades, Tutorial Associations of America provided a core study skills curriculum and instruction that was unmatched and HTA was able to provide this great course and cater it to Houston area schools as well. The Victus ("Way of Life") Study Skills System is based on the premise that effective study is best when it is a system of study and when it becomes a way of life.

HTA differentiates itself from other services by making the Victus Study Skills System its core focus and by incorporating the approach into every aspect of instruction whether for group courses or privately with highly specialized discipline-specific instructors.

“Our hope and vision is that we not only help students achieve their goals academically but that we help them personally succeed in life, now and in the future.”

- Julie E. Pitts Mount, Founder and Chair

Julie E. Mount, Director - Houston Tutorial Association

Through educational surveys and ongoing feedback from parents, students, and school administrators, HTA confirmed that many student performance problems were greatest when transitioning into middle school and high school.  In an effort to assist with the transitions, HTA began to partner with local highly acclaimed schools and tailor the study skills curriculum to meet the needs of the students at the respective schools while working directly with school administrators, teachers and parent groups to provide relevant applications for their students.

HTA coordinators and trainers help develop relationships among HTA members, its clients and partner schools. With a focus on training and certifying all tutors in the proprietary study skills system and partnering with local schools to provide much needed transitional years instruction relating to study skills, HTA further defines its unique position and value to local schools.

Today HTA offers the core Victus Study Skills System and many other related workshops that help students sharpen skills so that college is an easy transition. The skills taught in all HTA courses are skills that will be used for a lifetime.

HTA partners with local schools to help provide the study skills arm to their curriculum through workshops, summer programs and back-to-school boot camps. If you are interested in catering a program to fit your school’s needs, call us today at 832-478-7400.

“HTA helped our students get and feel organized before the school year started. They learned how to set goals, study better and even discover what kind of learner they were to help out with future studying. HTA offered the students, their parents and our teachers great feedback on each individual student. HTA takes the time to make sure each child receives the individual attention they deserve. As one of the students said “It was a good overall learning experience”. Thanks HTA for everything and we look forward to working with you during the school year and next Summer!”
- Sarah Baker, Duchesne Academy Summer Program Director
Houston Tutorial Association