HTA Terms of Service

HTA provides terms of service in advance of enrollment so that all inquiring clients for private tutoring are aware of the terms and conditions of enrollment with the association prior to making a commitment. The following terms and conditions are applicable to all students enrolled with Houston Tutorial Association. Any changes or modifications to the terms of service shall be communicated to all clients via email and posted online.

Student Enrollment

By submitting the Student Enrollment Form, the parent, client or guardian agrees to the financial obligations and policies set forth in the following paragraphs.

A one time minimum initial processing fee of $50 is due prior to receiving any tutorial placements. A premium enrollment fee of $125 is available for clients who want an in-home assessment by HTA representative prior to making an initial placement.

Initial processing fees are waived for students enrolling in an HTA sponsored workshop or course only.


Tutoring services will be billed at the time of service, unless arranged otherwise. Payment is due within 5 days of receipt of the Statement of Services. The hourly rate is subject to change based upon the Association’s annual review of its rates. Currently in-home hourly rates for standard tutorial services are $60/hr for the first hour and $50/hr for time accrued after the first. A minimum fee of $60 is charged for at-home sessions regardless if the session is less than 60 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

Except in emergency situations, cancellations not made at least 4 hours in advance of the session result in full charge for that session. Cancellations must be confirmed with the private tutor via email or voicemail.

“HTA has provided our son with excellent tutors who have been very helpful; they are focused on imparting understanding of material…and their tutors have been flexible as needed. We feel very fortunate to have found HTA.”
-Vicki and James Keiser, Houston Christian High School Parents
Houston Tutorial Association