About Houston Tutorial Association

HTA provides Houston area students with exceptional services based on a core of founded study skills training and instruction. We not only focus on a student’s academic challenges but also encourage and challenge students in their personal endeavors. From private tutoring to group courses, HTA can help students gain independence academically!

Our Clients and Instructors

HTA provides services to students Kindergarten through college with a focus on middle and high school student transitions. What makes us unique is that all of our instructors and private tutors are trained in our study skills method so no matter if you are seeking help in English or AP Physics - your instructors will take the same successful approach to the material.

Our Services

We offer discipline specific tutoring in all subjects including English, foreign language, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra and even standardized testing. Houston Tutorial Association can help you accomplish your objectives. Learn more about our private tutoring or study skills courses . If you are a parent association or school administrator that is interested in partnering with HTA to provide our workshops for a back to school boost or summer course, learn more here.

Where We Instruct

HTA offers services in the student’s home, school or preferred public location. When students are afforded a study hall hour, HTA tutors will often go to the school and schedule a library room or study hall area to conduct the session.

“You and your group have provided timely, valuable assistance to Kinkaid students in need…every time a family has contacted you, Houston Tutorial Association has been able to match the student with a tutor who can provide enlightenment in the subject, whether it be Latin, Study Skills, or any other area…”
- John Friday, Middle School Principal at The Kinkaid School
Houston Tutorial Association