Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions below you will find helpful when searching for a dependable and competent tutor. You will also discover answers to questions about other services that HTA offers relating to study skills, transitioning in middle school, high school and college, as well as information on standardized testing.

Private Tutoring
Q. What kind of experience and education do your tutors have?
Q. Am I obligated to pay for a group of sessions or a package price?
Q. How quickly can my student be placed?
Q. Am I stuck with my tutor and obligated to pay if things don't work out?
Q. What is the HTA hourly rate for private tutoring?
Q. Is there an initial enrollment fee?
Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
Q. Will my child be tutored one-on-one or work with other students?
Q. Do you have references from current or past clients?
Q. Do you do criminal-background checks on your tutors?

Workshops and Courses
Q. What types of study skills courses are offered by HTA and its partner schools?
Q. Can courses be catered to the individual?
Q. Are materials included with the Study Skills workshops and courses?
Q. The courses provided don’t fit our schedules and needs. Can I create a small group at my home to fit our needs?

College Prep
Q. Isn’t there a standard application to college that would make the application process easier?

Standardized Tests
Q. What services do you offer for private schools entrance exams?
Q. What are the private and parochial school entrance exams required?
Q. When should I take the ISEE, SSAT, or HSPT?

Q. Do you have recommendations for resources for students with learning disabilities?
“My daughter took the HTA Study Skills Course and continued with private accountability tutoring. She has improved her study habits dramatically. We highly recommend their tutors for weekly accountability sessions. My daughter loves her tutor, she is more confident with her academics and her grades are showing it.”
    – Vesta Kuntz Frommer, Parent of Kinkaid School Student
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