Tutor Application

Interested in becoming a tutor for Houston Tutorial Association?

HTA is always looking for qualified tutors to join our Association. If you are certified and/or degreed and have a love for teaching, consider contacting HTA to find out more about becoming a tutor or even getting certified to teach our proprietary Study Skills Course. Most of our clients prefer that the tutor perform services in their homes or at their schools. In light of this - it is important that HTA tutors have access to reliable transportation for client services.

To inquire about membership, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Complete the Online Application Form
  • Step 2 – Reference Check
  • Step 3 – Personal Interview (HTA will contact you for a personal interview)
  • Step 4 – Acceptance and Enrollment*

*If accepted, you will be contacted by Houston Tutorial Association and will begin receiving placements when the need arises.

Membership Dues: Houston Tutorial Association requires that all tutors pay $100 for initial membership dues and initiation and $25 for annual membership renewal.

“I liked that my teacher was fun but serious about learning. I liked note-taking section in the course because it will help me do better in school.”
    – Domanique W.
“I liked the fact that it helped you realize your strengths and weaknesses and my teacher would take time to help me with any problems. I recommend this course.” – London K.
Houston Tutorial Association