Houston Tutorial Association focuses on providing quality study skills courses for peak academic performance and matching your student/s with just the right discipline specific tutor and program. We are concerned about making a long-term positive impact and not just providing a temporary “fix”. The following comments come from our satisfied clients and schools.

"I enrolled my student when he was entering 5th grade in the summer study skills course at Kinkaid and enrolled him again as a refresher when he was entering 8th grade. While he is an A/B student, some good habits were just not sticking. I'm one of those parents that firmly believes in repetition being being the mother of skill, which HTA teaches in their courses. His transition to Strake Jesuit his Freshman year was much easier than expected. You can never get enough of these core study skills and life skills and I highly encourage parents to consider taking their course either in a classroom or private setting." - Parent of Second Baptist Student

“To Whom It May Concern — HTA presented their study skills program to our sixth grade at the Awty International School. In addition they presented a “Boot Camp” refresher course to the seventh grade. This is our third year with HTA and I could not be more pleased. The content of the program reflects an educated and clever appreciation of the fundamentals involved in learning to study effectively and efficiently. The staff is professional, experienced and thorough, and the program addresses teachers and parents as well as students to assure that everyone is on the same page. To top it off, everyone at HTA has a positive outlook and a good sense of humor. It is a comfort for me to depend on HTA as an effective resource.”
— Thomas Beuscher, Head of Middle School, Awty International School

“Our first experience with HTA was AWESOME! They are very organized and on top of everything. The students who were enrolled at the classes at Duchesne this summer had enriching experiences! HTA helped our students get and feel organized before the school year started. They learned how to set goals, study better and even discover what kind of learner they were to help out with future studying. Those going into Fifth Grade were able to ease into Middle School without too much pressure. HTA offered the students, their parents and our teachers great feedback on each individual student. HTA takes the time to make sure each child receives the individual attention they deserve. As one of the students said “It was a good overall learning experience”. Thanks HTA for everything and we look forward to working with you during the school year and next Summer!”
— Sarah Baker, Duchesne Academy Summer Program Director

“For the record, you and your group have provided timely, valuable assistance to Kinkaid students in need. As far as I know, every time a family has contacted you, Houston Tutorial Association has been able to match the student with a tutor who can provide enlightenment in the subject, whether it be Latin, Study Skills, or any other area. I have not heard any complaints about any of the tutors associated with Houston Tutorial and have observed tangible results for the students.”
— John Friday, Former Middle School Principal of The Kinkaid School - Houston, Texas

“Houston Tutorial Association (HTA) offers Study Skills and the Writing with Ease program for our Middle School students. The director and staff collaborate with our teachers in order to adapt their programs and customize lessons to support our curriculum. Each child receives individual attention, student progress is well documented and well communicated to the parents and our teachers and the end of course assessments are testimony to how well their teachers got to know our students. The Study Skills course was so successful that our parents and faculty requested its return.”

“The dedication and professionalism of the director is evident in the planning and monitoring of the programs. Every aspect of the programs was addressed before, during and after the sessions. HTA works with us to craft programs that truly benefit our students and their families and we are proud to offer their programs.”
— Colleen Curran, Former Head of Middle School, St. Francis Episcopal Day School

“I enrolled my son in the HTA Study Skills Course offered through the Kinkaid Summer Program. I cannot begin to tell you how much he enjoyed the course and how much he learned. Being that it was in the Summer, my husband and I thought that each day he would come home frustrated that he was having to attend. I’m delighted to say that every day he came home with a smile on his face. My son loved his teacher, Julie Mount, and was able to apply what he had learned on a daily basis. The skills that he learned are not only applicable for high school but for life. I’m so thankful that he had the opportunity to attend this course and I would highly recommend that every student take it or secure private study skills sessions from HTA.”
— Mother of Stratford High School Student

“My son is doing great in school, and we’re working with him to incorporate these wonderful new skills into his weekly routine. This study skills experience was definitely positive! My 11 year old would look forward to working with Julie and learning study skills. She made learning fun. Now he gets himself organized and has more confidence in studying for tests.”
— Wendy Hunsaker, Parent of St. Francis Episcopal Day School Sudent

“We wanted you to know that we can now declare this “Mission Accomplished”. We are so proud of how hard Allison has applied herself these last 2 1/2 years. She has had all “A’s” the past 2 years, did great on her standardized tests, was Yearbook Editor, and was accepted early admission to Emory University. She will be spending a gap year in Israel. This week she has been working hard teaching her little brother study skills that she learned from you. Thank you for your help.”
— Sheldon & Debbie Bootin

“My daughter took the HTA Study Skills Course and continued with private accountability tutoring. She has improved her study habits dramatically. We highly recommend their tutors for weekly accountability sessions. My daughter loves her tutor, she is more confident with her academics and her grades are showing it.”
— Vesta Kuntz Frommer, Parent of Former Kinkaid School Student

“HTA has provided our son with excellent tutors who have been very helpful; they are focused on imparting understanding of material. The fact that they tutor at our home we have found very convenient; HTA and their tutors have been flexible as needed. We feel very fortunate to have found HTA; Julie and Lauren have been very responsive and attentive to our son’s needs.”
— Vicki and James Keiser, Parents of Houston Christian High School Student

“HTA did a great job in finding the right tutor to mesh with our son’s learning style. Our tutor is a former Teach for America teacher, so she is infinitely qualified to teach and tutor. More importantly, she has a great rapport with our son and has really helped him achieve and excel as he adjusted to the new rigors of high school.”
— Mother of Strake Jesuit Freshman

“I can’t say enough about the tutoring services and the study skills assistance found at HTA - both of my kids have greatly benefited from their tutors and they really like them. ”
— Sara Dodd-Spieckelmier, Parent of River Oaks Baptist and St. John’s School Students

“I can’t say enough great things about the group at HTA. Julie personally helped me learn how to use the computer and my sons have used their tutors in Math and Science. HTA has really helped us build confidence in ourselves and our abilities through great study skills. One of my sons raised his grade from a D to a B. A great success given the subject.”
— Diane Lester, Former Memorial High School and Spring Branch Middle School Parent

“The thought of taking high school placement exams and their implication on our child's future caused much anxiety in our household. Thanks to the excellent HTA tutor we work with, our son learned the study skills and test taking strategies that he needed to walk into the exams with confidence. We are thrilled with the end result: great test scores and acceptance letters to our first choice schools. We'll be working with our tutor to build on that success and prepare for high school and beyond.”
— Laura Jahn, St. Anne’s Catholic School Parent

“Wow - I really couldn’t believe it. HTA was able to find us a great tutor for my son in Chemistry. His teacher is impossible and the tutors I’ve had before were incompetent. I was hesitant but Julie assured me that she would connect us with a good tutor…Needless to say, we are happy and are still using the tutor she referred and it is a blessing.”
— A. Grover, Episcopal High School Parent

“I would like to inform you that Kyle was a sincere individual who inspired our daughter Michelle to believe in her ability to succeed. Throughout the tutoring sessions he gave her the push to realize that she had the intelligences to perform at her full potential. We have known Kyle since mid-February, and he did everything possible to help Michelle learn Algebra and Chemistry and we applaud him for his kindness, patience and ability to help her become more knowledgeable in the subjects mentioned. Kyle was an awesome choice and Michelle felt very comfortable with him….Thank You for all your organization has done and we would fully recommend you to everyone we know.”
— Joseph Ramirez, Parent of Kinkaid School Student

“Dear Julie, All of my kids really liked their tutor and are experiencing real results from their sessions. Thank you for providing them with valuable study skills and building their confidence. We will definitely refer HTA to our friends.”
— St. John’s School Parent

“HTA has “been there” for my child and provided the additional resources he needed to succeed in college preparatory classes. HTA’s tutors have been first quality!”
— Kathy Zay, Memorial High School Parent

“You really taught him “how to organize” himself with his files, agenda book, subjects, use of highlighters, and the finer points of taking notes. I don’t know how you kept his attention, but whatever style you used to figure him out…it worked. I am so grateful to you for offering the class in the first place and second to getting to know him to be able to “get through to him” about the importance of these concepts. I would highly recommend this be part of any school’s program or at least a back-to-school option for parents to put their children through each year. I would put Cameron through this again next year as a refresher if it were offered. So, thank you for what you do. You do it very well and both Briargrove and Grady should know about your services.”
— Anita Taylor, Mother of Briargrove and Grady Middle School Students

“I feel lucky to of found Houston Tutorial Association for my children. I have had tutors in the past that where not as convenient and cost more. Their study skills program has really helped both my sixth grader and eighth grader. The tutors are very professional and really relate to my children and their needs. My son has told me he learns more from his Spanish tutor than his teacher. I have and will continue to recommend the Houston Tutorial Association to my friends and use them for as long as the need is there.”
— Kathy Zay, Memorial High School Parent

“HTA has “been there” for my child and provided the additional resources he needed to succeed in college preparatory classes. HTA’s tutors have been first quality!”
— Diane Easley, Mother of Grady Middle School Student

“Working with Houston Tutorial was a terrific experience for us. Their tutors gave my daughter the confidence she needed. They helped her clear up the confusing areas and helped her use the information she learned in a confident way. I would definitely recommend HTA.”
— Patryce Jones, Mother of Episcopal High School Student

“Thanks for your support throughout our year. I have seen great improvements in my son’s studies.”
— Tonya Cole, PJHS Counselor and Parent of of Middle School Student

“I want to take a moment to tell you what the Houston Tutorial Association has meant to me, both professionally and personally. You and your team came to Grady Middle School and offered a study skills workshop to our parents. The students who took advantage of the course have benefited from what they learned. They are using the organizational skills they learned to be more successful in the classroom. They have gained more confidence and are happier and better adjusted.”

“Personally, I would like to say that the tutor that you arranged for my daughter has been outstanding. She is truly a gifted teacher. She has a wonderful rapport with my daughter and is very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with your services and hope to continue our relationship for a long time.”
— Annesta Lunde, Counselor - Grady Middle School

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Student Comments

Study Skills Course

“The whole class was fun, but I really liked note taking. Miss Jen taught us different ways or strategies to learn. I recommend taking this course.”
   – Katelyn W.

“I recommend this course. I liked how my teacher used different ways to teach so that I would learn.”
   – Liz E.

“I liked that my teacher was fun but serious about learning. I liked notetaking section in the course because it will help me do better in school.”
   – Domanique W.

“I liked the fact that it helped you realize your strengths and weaknesses and my teacher would take time to help me with any problems. I recommend this course.”
   – London K.

“It helps you with notes, skills for tests and helps you understand what your reading a lot more. My teacher was funny really nice and we got a lot done.”
   – Anna Maria J.

“I liked most that I learned how to take notes in the proper form and how to use PQRST with my reading. The teacher went over material multiple times which was nice. I’d recommend this course.”
   – Harrison D.

“It's really great to have these study skills… when your studying you won't struggle because you'll know what skills to use when you need help. Notes are so much easier to take now. The teacher was fun and made the lesson exciting even though we were all tired.”
   – Ashley C.

“It was amazing and fun. I learned so much.”
   – Carly G.

“The course was helpful because I learned useful skills that will help me now and in the future. Our teacher was really energetic…”
   – Aden W.

“How she taught me to prepare for tests and how to write good notes. Even in the summer it was a really fun class and the teachers was always upbeat.”
   – Ben C.

Note Taking Course

“It helps you learn to write and understand information taught by your teacher more effectively.”
   – Phillip J.

“I recommend this course, the teacher was nice and respectful and I just wish it was longer to learn more in depth note taking skills.”
   – Porter M.

“The course is very helpful in History for taking notes and preparing yourself for tests. The teacher was nice and patient at all times during the course.”
   – Paolo S.

“What I liked the most was when I learned short hand to make notes faster. I would tell others that this course helped a lot, and you could learn a lot to make your note taking better and faster.”
   – Antonia A.

Writing with Ease Course

“I would recommend this course. It helps you with your writing skills, and also teaches you different ways to write a paper. The teacher was very patient.”
   – Catalina M.

“I liked the course because these strategies will now come in handy during school time. I will be ahead in the game. I would totally recommend it.”
   – Alexandra M.

“I recommend this course. You learn a lot and it will help you throughout school and college.”
   – Nicholas M.

Summer Reading Knockout

“Teacher was fantastic!!!!! And I learned that the notes actually help me a lot… Also, it was very interesting to divide the book pages depends on how many days you're gonna spend to read this book. I would recommend taking this course in the summer.”
   – Victoria S.

“It was fun and helped me with my reading and note taking. I liked the course a lot and the teacher was cheerful and nice. I recommend it.”
   – Ryan P.

“The course knocks out a summer reading book very early in the summer. The methods for taking notes are also helpful. She is very animated and active in class discussions.”
   – Jonathan C.

“I liked learning new strategies the most during this class because it will help me concentrate more and getting a better idea of what I am reading. My teacher was very nice and helpful throughout the course.”
   – Anne Marie H.

“I recommend this course. I like how we learned about time management and we got to read. I also liked the tips on notetaking. The teacher was nice and kept us focused – it was great.”
   – Leah M.

“It is a very good course so that you can learn how to take notes and read a book at the same time. The teacher was kind, understanding and helpful.”
   – John James A.

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